The laboratory and staff are all licensed by Dubai Health Authority. In addition the laboratory is accredited by the Collage of American pathologist.

The Technical staff is MLS (ASCP) and the Physicians hold an American Board in Dermatopathology.

  • All reports include diagnostic images in addition to detailed description.
  • The reports are custom made to meet the requirements of the dermatologist and physicians.
    • The laboratory is equipped with the Latest Equipment including a Whole Slide Scanner.
    • The laboratory adheres to strict Quality control.
    • Highly Skilled Team
    • Positive Reviews from patients and physicians.

General Diagnostic Tests

  1. Processing and Reporting of dermatopathology cases including:
    1. Inflammatory conditions
    2. Blister disorders with immunofluorescence interpretation
    3. Neoplastic conditions including BCC, SCC, Adnexal tumors, Vascular tumors…
    4. Melanocytic proliferation including dysplastic, borderline lesions and melanoma with synoptic report.
    5. Cutaneous lymphoma with immunostains and gene re-rarrangement.
  2. Special stains
  3. Immunostains
  4. Immunofluorescence
  5. Gene rearrangement for Lymphoma cases

Results of test procedures processed on site are reported to the health care provider the next day during regular business hours.

Sample Reports

How to send a Biopsy

For tissue specimens:

Put tissue in formalin bottles, label bottles with the patient details and place them in a biohazard bag. Include our completed pathology request form in the bag with the bottle.

For slide consults:

Place slides in slide jackets, cushioned in bubble wrap. Include the previous pathology report and our completed pathology request form with all clinical information.

For immunofluorescence:

Two 3mm punch biopsies are required or one 5-6 mm punch bisected. Place fresh tissue in the provided Michel’s media or normal saline and the second biopsy in formalin. Place bottle(s) in a biohazard bag with our completed pathology request form.

For molecular testing:

If molecular testing is needed, we will notify you in the dermatopathology report and explain the process on how to proceed.

Call or email Dermpath Consult labororatory for Pick up: +97143638968/